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Welcome to the latest website dedicated to Islander sailboat owners.

There are many web sites that try to accomplish similar, if not identical, goals. Our links page will attest to this. This site is caters to Islanders of all sizes and even to non-Islanders.

My intent with creating this site was to re-create the vast store of information that was collected by web site managers before me. People like Jim Gravlyn and Brian Soderberg.

I also want to grow that information.

This is a user driven site. This means the articles published on this site come from you. Do you have a story or article that other Islander owners might find useful? Would you like the opportunity to write and publish your own column? Have you written anything about your experiences that you would like to share? If you are interested in writing one article or a series of articles for the site, please contact me! I welcome all content.

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This site will be as good as the content that our Islander owners can provide.

Please be patient as the site flourishes.

Bob Everson
July 14, 2010



Islander Yachts

started out as the McGlasson Boat Company which later became the Wayfarer Yacht Corporation. Islander is derived from the name of McGlasson's original yacht lines the Catalina Islanders

In 1963, Ralph Brown and Ben Kantner recovered the McGlassen Boat Companey, now Wayfarer Yacht Corporation, from bankruptcy, and began using the name Islander Yachts. The Islander Yacht Corporation had yacht building facilities in Costa Mesa, California, and later moved production to Irvine California. In 1984, Islander yacht construction was relocated to Costa Rica, but went into bankruptcy just two years later.

Islander Yachts were built in fiberglass models ranging from the Islander 21 to the 55. Tradwinds Marine used the molds for the Islander 55 to build a boat for the Beach Boys – complete with Jacuzzi and electric piano.

[note: this editor was aware of the Beach Boys owning an Islander and I used to imagine that perhaps the "Sloop John B" was in reference to their boat. Alas, research proves this is not the case.]


Site Features

This site offers a number of features to best deliver information and serve our community. The list of site features include:

  • Mailing List
  • Forums
  • News
  • Links
  • Articles and Bios about Islanders and their owners

Mailing List

The mailing list is a tool to reach out to everybody at once. Anything you send to the Islander list will be seen by all members the next time they check their e-mail. This is useful for getting responses to questions in a hurry.

To use the mailing list you must complete two registrations. Only members registered with this site are eligible to join the mailing list. However, registering with this site does not automatically add your name to the mailing list. You must opt in and out of the mail list.

Mailing list threads are not permanent. Your question and any reponses will eventually fade away. For a more pemanent record of questions and answers there is the Islander forums.


Forums are like bulletin boards. Anybody arriving at this site can view the forums. Only registered users can add entries.

Forums differ from the mailing list in two distinct ways. First the articles/data is availble for a much longer time. Second, a random visitor to this site may read a forum entry that they have knowledge on make a posting to the topic.


When we receive notewothy news it will be conspicuosly posted for all to read.


The links page contains links to websites of interest to the nautical community and to sailors in particular.

Articles and Bios

As we receive them stories, anecdotes and pictures will be posted to this site.